confessions of faith

Simply put … I am a follower of Jesus (the Way).  No flashy theological mumble jumble or high end doctorate degree (although I have one) pontificating thought.  I am just that… a Jesus follower.

But… I wanted to spread the love in regards to a true confession of faith.


  • I believe all 66 books of the Bible.
  • I believe there is sin in the world.
  • I believe we can be redeemed.
  • I believe Jesus is the Senior Leader/Pastor of His church (the body).
  • I believe in the Trinity, God the Judge, Jesus the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as the Guide.
  • I believe God loves people and has a plan for everyone.
  • I believe sin separates people from God.
  • I believe Jesus Christ is God’s only provision for man’s sin.
  • I believe people can be in right standings with God by making Jesus Lord of their life.

These confessions stand the test of time. If you are struggling, unsure of your beliefs or simply are not sure if life holds anything for you, please contact me I would love to hear your story and dialogue with you.

Jesus Saves!